Bronze Solenoid Valve

Gritty Coolant Valves Full Port

Full Port - Normally Open - 1/2" to 1" Pipe Size

Max. Fluid Temp. - 212°F | Max. Static Pressure - 300 PSI

No Differential Pressure Required to Open


This solenoid valve closes when energized and opens when de-energized. When the coil is energized the plunger presses the poppet, closing the pilot orifice, and opens a bleed passageway to permit pressure to build above the piston and sealing it. Upon de-energizing the coil, the pilot orifice is opened, relieving the pressure above the piston, allowing it to leave its seat. The bottom spring allows the valve to operate at zero pressure drop.


To control the flow of "Coolant", the valve is designed with the piston "turned down" and a larger pilot port, offering additional clearance, allowing the valve to operate with fluids containing some grit/sediment typically found in coolant. Valve operates from zero to maximum differential pressure indicated in table. Valve must be mounted in horizontal pipe with solenoid enclosure vertical and on top.

  • Specifications
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Product Spec
Type No. Watts
Watts DC Ship
Dimension In Inches
1/2 200 MS33AR42-C 45 23 8 9-3/8 8-1/4 4-1/8 3-1/4
3/4 50 MS18AR23-C 25 18 9 8-1/4 7-1/8 2-3/4 3-1/2
110 MS233AR43-C 80 40 13 9-1/4 8-1/8 3-1/2 3-1/2
1 110 MS33AR44-C 45 23 14 10 8-5/8 3-1/2 4-1/8
200 MS233AS24-C 80 40
300 MS233AR44-C 80 40
"A" Dimension does not include the "MS" Mounting Stud (Approx. 7/8")
Note: The addition of any bottom mounted option would replace the "MS" Mounting Stud and change the prefix to reflect the appropriate option.

(*Wetted parts - No Copper Bearing Alloys in contact with fluid)
*Valve Body - Cast Bronze, Globe Pattern - NPT ends
*Piston - Cast Bronze
Coil Enclosure - Malleable or Cast Iron, 1/2” NPS conduit conn.
*Plunger - 430 Stainless Steel
*Poppet - 303 Stainless Steel
*Stem - 303 Stainless Steel
*Bonnet Tube - 304 Stainless Steel
*Spring - Inconel and 302 Stainless Steel
*Body Seal - Buna-N or Non Asbestos Gasket
*Orifice Seal - Buna-N (Viton® or Glass Filled PTFE available)
*AC Shading Coil - Copper
*Stem Pin - 304 Stainless Steel
Coil - Encapsulated Class B, 18” leads - (Class H available)